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Just purchased an LB7 04 2500 HD crew 4x4 Chvey, ive been looking for a long while and finally found one that suits me, black with tan leather, every option that i know of, 77k miles, with every maint record, local dealer had it, just been browsing around here noticing how much valuable info there is to see on here,

ive already stepped up to a Diablo Sport Predator, the truck already had the K&N intake setup, ive got 4in exaust on the way, not looking for BIG power, just a little pep in the step, and the Predator sure took care of that with the 65 hp tune,

up uped the tire size to 285/75/16 Nitto Terro Grapplers as soon as i got it back to my shop, gotta get that look yah know! had to trim the inner fender well just a touch on the front to clear turning, nothing big about an inch off the bottom, ive got a big rake at he bottom of my driveway, the dip and turn gets it.

now i need to use the Predator to set the speedo, how do i do it? i seen the options, do i just set those to 285, 75 and 16 for the rim size? just playing with the size a little til its accurate?
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