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newbie question

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To do efi live do i have to buy the V2 or can i just but like a three way switch and just get three tunes?? and leave it at that? or whats the best route. i dont plan on do any tunning myself.
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what did it end up runing ya to get it. Also i see you dont have the tranny done. Do you mind telling me what tunes you have??
hit up the DIY section then click DIY and Tech discussion at the top and it is about halfway done the page. no worries on asking man.
oh yeah that is way cheaper. you have only one tune?
yeah i want a dsp5 few tunes and one hot one which would be about all i could handle. yeah i get 21 mpg now with the 35s
or even a dsp3 one mellow, one kinda hot, one real hot with exhuase noise change something like that lope sound
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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