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Hi to All.. I am Jam from Texas. Newbie to this forum.
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whats up maxim, new to the site as well, from SA, TX. Just got myself a dmax, this site has been very hepful
hey guys welcome to the forum dont be scared to ask some guys on here are a little harsh but there just trying to help so ask away for questions
thanks, i realized that before i even subscribed, i am the proud new owner of a 02 dmax, and unfortunately found out the hard way about the problems with the injectors. I found so much info on this site, luckily, I know peeps in the biz and got all 8 injectors covered under warranty. I think the comaderaderie, hope i spelled that right, not that i'm worried, haha, on this site is awesome
hey just to let you know the lb7 is still a great motor their only real flaw was the stock injectors but other than that nothing no emmisons so be happy and just look to have fun with your d-max if you ever need any info on products let me know and i will send you in the right way
Thanks Jimmy, I do have some things that I would like to do to the truck. It will be mostly a daily driver but we have a 38' 5th wheel that we will be pulling. You are correct, I have heared nothing but great things about the motor other that the injectors, but that problem is solved. I know that this question has been asked a thousand time on this site but I want to make the best trailer pulling power and economy that I can. Any input is very welcome. Like I said my dad is a diesel mechanic by profession but a hot rodder by heart.
try to fill out your signature so people know what you drive
I'm gonna work on that. Thanks for you're input. I want to take a bad a pic of my truck and then I'll post it
welcome to the df!!
Welcome to the DF guys!
Prepare for addiction if it hasn't already happened!!
Welcome to the Forum, from a fellow Texan!!!
Welcome to DF! :drink
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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