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So I have some down time on my hands and was thinking of onboard options for my truck. Looked into the warn Powerplant HD...seems like more of a PITA than it's worth. Looked into VIAIR, but they didn't respond to my questions...not helpful. Anyone have any experience with them running impact guns/inflating tires/etc?

:hyper:grinn Then it dawned on me...Nitrogen could be the way to go. I can easily keep a tank in my garage for inflating tires, and build a wood reinforced safety crate if I need to take it with me for off-road or "remote shop" work. That way, if I go off roading and have to air down or have to help a buddy out with a broken down POS car, I can have air with me instead of just hand tools or I can refill tires with nitrogen instead of air.

Here's where I need the smart guy (or girl). If I go and get myself a T size cylinder, what am I looking at for a run time on an impact gun that uses 6 CFM @ 90 PSI? Approximately how many tire fills am I looking at, assuming a completely flat 265/75R16 tire? If I am doing my research correctly, a T cylinder contains 304 cubic feet of nitrogen gas at 2400 PSI (i think)?

Provided the cylinder is properly secured, any issues with transport off-road? Before any transport, the cylinder will be secured in a wood 1/2" wall reinforced plywood crate with no connections made. If tire fill or air tool use is necessary, safety top will hten be removed and regulator/air line connected, the resealed before movement again. The crate will also be secured in the bed via ratchet tie downs. Any issue with the cylinder laying on its side in the crate as long as its not in use?
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