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Welcome to the group!

I second the Edge Juice/ Attitude. Anythime you up the power you need to install gauges to keep an eye on things, and the attitude monitor allows you to monitor so many different things. Also, you get an adjustable module that you can tune to where you can tow the best and then crank up a bit when you want to haul something else! :fart
I have a customer in the San Fransico area that does home remodels and second story additions. He spends most of the day running all over the place with a loaded dump trailer and a ton of tools. He says its all the poqwer he'l ever need. I think it would do you perfectly. Especially for the price!

For a downloader you can't go wrong with the Diablosport. Great downloader.

Towing that kind of wieght, are you planning to put an exhaust brake on this truck? I know I would.
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