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NO ECM = NO Fun!

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Well I just got my new turbo put on and they are finishing up all of my pipes today but i have no idea when I will get my ECM back! :cry I had ridgerunner Diesel do my tunes originally so we sent them back beginning of last week to be re-tuned for the new turbo but apparently he has too much work right now and doesnt know when he will be able get my ECM and TCM back to me. So in the mean time I have a brand new turbo I am dying to try out and I have to drive my old 96 honda civic and have no idea when I will get to drive my truck again :cookoo[1]: I was hoping to hit the drag strip this weekend and see what kind of improvements I would see but now I dont even know if I will be able to drive it next week... I'm bummed out!:huh
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What turbo did ya go with?
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