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MY speedometer went nuts and I took it to the then (now out of business) dealer where I bought the '04 - 3500 Dually as a demonstrator (Dealers kids raced go carts) - seemed like 5 minutes and it was fixed - a recall issue!

What I didn't notice was that none of the menu options accessed via the steering wheel controls .... work anymore!

No mods - pure stock - with the exception of brake controller for fifthwheel trailer - installed by the dealer.

Nearest dealer is 60 miles away - I suspect its just a plug or cable that didn't get connected - but I don't have a clue where to start. Nothing obviously dangling under the dash.

Anybody seen the same or similar problem? Anybody got a fix?

I can't get at any of the fuel calc, lighting, or security settings - once worked - but not after recall - FIX!

Love my detroit iron - but sometimes .... boom right in the kisser!

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