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Hi you all!! I’m new to the diesel & duramax world. All of my previous cars (Honda’s, Lexus, Evo 10 & Chevy 1500) have been gas/e85. I own a 2008 Evo 10 ( one of the reason I’m a turbo hoe now days lol). A few months ago I used to own 2019 Chevy TrailBoss, it got totaled do to frame damaged from accident, now I made a big move and purchased a 2020 Chevy Silverado high country Duramax. There’s already a few things I want to do to it and would like you suggestions. Don’t be so hard on me plz 😅

Bucket list:

-XPEL (full truck)
-Opti coat
-Black Out Trim pieces
-Black wheel

1- Any suggestion on bigger profile tires?

2- I want to delete the resonators/cats on exhaust just to have more turbo whistle. Is this a good or bad idea? I don’t want to have any check engine lights on dash 😄

3- any other suggestions? 😏



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Congratulations on the new rig. I picked up a new one a couple months ago. Great trucks. As far as rims and tires, I am seeing guys go as big as 37s and not have any trouble with stock ride height. I have an old set of 33s on 20x10 rims and have no problems. Planning to go with 35s and if necessary level it with new torsion keys and shock extrenders.

The only way to remove the emissions is with a off-road tune which is getting really hard to find thanks to the EPA campling down on mfg and tuners, leaving them with heavy fines for delete products. Many have left the market to go emission compliant and others are hanging on but the EPA has put a newed effort into enforcing the Clean Air Act so it won't be long and it will most likely be a thing of the past. Sure you are going to have a few who have dabbled in tuning trying to stay out of site doing deletes but any of the professional tuners out there will switch or shut down completely.

I understand your statement about wanting hear to your turbo and I hear from other who want to keep their engines cleaner etc. There really isn't a way to do it nowadays with the emissions the way they are. My company offers emission compliant products for the Duramax. This is the route I am going with my new one. I want to see what we can get out of it with the emissions still intact. Questions like turbo noise, rumble vs whistle, etc.. have not been tested at this point. The tuning company we offer, PPEI, is one of the biggest and they are working hard to dial in emission compliant tunes they have had on the market for a couple years now.

Bottom line, while most want to delete the L5Ps are an expensive beast to delete compared to 01-16s. Emissions equipment has come a long ways and while there are still a few failures generally speaking they are holding up quite well. If you could increase power, performance, driveability, use less DEF and do less regens would you stick with emissions compliant tuning? That is what is available mostly now.

Sorry I sorta went on a tangent. There are a lot of good threads here on many of your topics, if you haven't gotten your answers here I suggest a search as well but keep in mind, many comments are opinions unless they are backed up test data.

If I can ever be of assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

Take care,
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