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First let me say thanks for all the help and support your provide here on the forum. I have read and searched a lot of stuff but was looking for your advice and expertise. I'm new to hd trucks and lifts and aftermarket rims and tires.

The truck is an 05 gmc cclb home stock. I use it as a daily driver and plan to tow and haul light to moderate a couple times a year. Also off road on hills and gravel dirt roads a few times a year nothing extreme. With the winters I do need to be able to use 4x4 also.

I am looking for the "proper" way to lift the truck and get longevity of the rig and it's components. I would like to improve ride quality or at worst for it to remain as it ia. I like the look of 2-4" of height and being leveled or having a slight rake. The stock rake is too much. I think 6" is too much I don't want to be to high. That said, what is better for my needs and desire to have a dependable good looking truck? The leveling kit or the 4" lift.

What is the difference between a tsb and NTsb lift? Is one much better than the other?
I would think the 4" lift but if that seems to high can I lower it to say 3" or 2"? Will That affect angles and ride if I lower the lift?

The reason I want to lift is I bought some chrome h2s with the stock hummer bfg ats 315/70/17 I think still with tread.

Should I try and fit those with the level/lift or are they too big? They are balanced and all so that's why I ask otherwise I can go to a smaller tire.
Do you know the back spacing on these h2s? Will they bolt right up or need some adjustment.
If I get the lift or level can I still run the stock pyos in winter or will they not fit anymore?

If I go to a bigger tire (285 295 305 315 whatever) what issues will this cause. Will a certain size cause more damage to suspension/steering components? If I can't use the 315s already mounted would you reccomend another size that's best?

Also I know this isn't suspension related but obviously bigger tires will affect the speedo. Do they affect tow ability? I've heard people talk of changing gear ratios in the rear is that necessary with a certain size tire? Is that needed?

Sorry for all the questions but most of this is all new to me. I don't mind spending the money if i am doing the right thing for the truck but i dont wana spend ten grand either. I don't wana just "crank the bars" I want this to last me. Thanks! And by all means take your time in responding.

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