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not starting

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my 02 lb7 died 20 secondsx after i started it this morning... i took out the alternator and had it tested and it was fine.... what might be the problem???? it turns over but never starts???
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sounds like air in the fuel system. When's the last time you changed the filter? Did you try to bleed the system? That plastic bleeder screw could be cracked too. You don't have an Edge on the truck right?
I changed the filter bout three weeks ago.I couldn't locate the plastic bleeder screw. no edge
no i couldn't locate the plastic bleeder screw. no edge
The bleeder screw is on top of the filter housing. Make sure it is not loose to start with, if it is tight, loosen it and pump up the system by pushing down on the "pump" which is near the bleeder. (the pump looks like a closed cylinder, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter) Pump until fuel comes out of the bleeder. Listen for air that might be escaping prior to the fuel coming out.

Once you get fuel through the bleeder close the bleeder and pump the pump a half a dozen times or so, then try starting the engine.

if the engine starts, then your fuel system is getting air in the lines.
will do thnx for the advice :)
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I read the symptoms and replies in regards to the engine starting, then immediately quiting. Changed fuel filter, and pumped the primer multiple times after the bleeder screw was closed. Realized the bleeder valve was not completely shut and that there was still air in the filter and/or lines. Secured the bleeder screw with a screw driver and pumped primer a few more times, 'till I couldn't push down any more... engine fired right up. Thanks:drink
Stopped running

I started the engine in the morning after sitting for about 36 hours. It ran for a few seconds and stopped. I had just had the truck serviced about 3 days ago and had driven about 68 miles before parking it. I have the edge with juice, and disconnected it and tried to start it one more time but the engine turns over but will not start. 3/4 full fuel tank. Stuck in the mountains.
Same Prob. Fuel leaking down. Please Help!

Hello, I am new here but hope someone can help. My truck is stuck here in Houston due to the hurricane and I am missing work daily where I was employed in Duncan Oklahoma.
It is a 2002 Duramak, bone stock, no chip.the 6.6 will crank up if I bleed the filter, turn key off and on 3-4 times, then crank for 45 seconds it will grab hold and run. It will start a couple times after that but overnight it leaks down so much I have to fill the bleeder screw up a couple ounces, then prime again. I replaced the filter, it only had 2000 miles on it but started with the easiest. I then bought a new bleeder and O ring (18 bucks from GM) still no luck. No fuel on the ground while running or sitting. I borrowed a Matco Determinator code reader from a friend and it shows last code as "Fuel rail pressure low on power enrichment" It shows no current codes, this is a past code. When running the datastream on the Matco shows fuel pressure around 6000 which is what it says is ok. Not sure about all this, have heard it was a pressure valve, the injectors, the O rings on the injectors, fuel filter bracket/primer. Really lost here, can anyone please help?
Thanks in advance
Ron jennings
[email protected]
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What about the wif sensor? Did you possiblly overtighten it and crack it. Since the duramax works off of vacuum it is hard to trace down a leak, but you are getting air someplace. I would start with taking the filter back off and checking the orings on the filter and check the wif sensor for cracks.

Welcome to the site!!!
Thanks for the reply, the wif looks ok, just tightened it snug, swaped out filter and O rings are fine, still at a lost so far.
The filter housing could have a crack in it from when the stealership or someone else changed the filter. I had 1 filter back off a little bit and let air in the system...I had changed my filter many times and this one time it backed off just a little bit and I don't know why...i had changed the filter about 3000 miles prior to this happening. Just one more thing to check...make sure the filter is tight.
My truck was losing prime overnight also ('04 LB7) it would fire and run a couple of seconds then die. There was a hairline crack in the fuel filter base. Yet another GM warranty. Check it out...Good Luck
I have an 01 that is doing the same thing. Took it to the mechanic and the code said it was the fuel injection control module or "FICM". I have looked everywhere on the net but no one seems to know anything about this. My truck started and died about 20 seconds later and has never started since. Does anyone have any suggestions? The FICM is available only at the dealer and has a cost of about $800. OUCH! Any help or advice would be appreciated.
OK, maybe I can help on this, and maybe it has something to do to mine too!
2 monthst ago mine would not crank, a Matco Determinator scan tool showed no communicatin with the Fuel Injectio Control Module.
I started to get one from the dealer and it was close to 1000, I searched ebay for Duramax FICM with no luck, so I entered the part number and found a seller with one, plus a harness. The part numbers, (Bosch, GM, Etc) on my box matched his exactley except for the last diget in one number. I called GM and they said that the last couple numbers did not matter so I gambled 137.50 shipped, after bleeding the system it ran fine! He had several and I did a search and he still has some more for sale.
Do a search on ebay for Duramax EDU (I have no ided why he dont have it listed as a FICM), you will find it under the same seller as ebay item 220276576532.
Now, I need to see if the diesel lines that run through it just to keep it cool may have come loose and causing my problem now of leaking down. There are 2 lines going in the FICM and they are banjo fittings with copper crush washers. I am trying today and see if changing the copper washers may help me.
Good luck on yours, And Thanks everybody for all the suggestions, I am still trying :)
Ron Jennings
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if the wires are broke off my fuel sensor will the truck still run . should i just get a light on the dash
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