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Oil Filter Manifold

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Anyone ever remove the Oil Filter Manifold? How to do it. Or have instructions on how to do it? I'm trying to install a centrifuge for cleaning oil and the fitting just fwd and above the filter (3/8 inch allen head) stripped out on me. I have removed the filter. There is a mixture of nuts on studs and bolts. which do I remove to get the manifold off, Nuts or bolts or both? Being that there is no Hayne's manual for the truck/ engine, I Don't want to mess anything up. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Looks like 5 bolts on the housing could be wrong just looking at alldata the hexs might have stripped on ypu because the should be metric not standard
Thanks dslkraz, does alldata say anything about coolent running through the area? just backed a bolt off and got dexcool coming out.

Ya its part of the oil cooler probably should drain it or it might end up all over you
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