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Oil for my '06 LBZ Also a whining noise.

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I come from the world of gas engines, and I only ran Mobil 1 in all my previous vehicles.
Now that I have this duramax I don't know what to run in it? What is the diesel equivilent of Mobil 1? I really want to take care of this thing what with it costing me an arm and a leg and all.

Also I am experiencing a moderate whining noise that comes from under the hood especially when the truck is cold. The noise isn't extra loud, but it's noticeable to me. As previously stated coming from the gasoline world the noise I am hearing sounds like one of two things.

1. Alternator has a bad bearing and is about to go.......or
2. Power Steering pump is low on fluid.

Have any of you heard a similar noise? Any suggestions? The truck is brand spanking new....Just passed 3k miles. I have a hard time believing it could be either of the problems I listed above. Other than that I love the thing. Never driven a stock diesel with this much umphhhh before. I am totally impressed.
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The New LBZ's are imprewssive, huh? Nice trucks.

As for your whining sound, I don't recall hearing that from any of the ones I have worked on. Was the A/C on or something? Does it chage pitch or volume if you turn the steering wheel? Does it go away when its at operating temp?

For oil, I am biased, being an Amsoil dealer. I love my synthetics. :cool
For Dino oil, Mobil 1 is Delvac. 15w-40. Good oil. Just make sure you use quality filters. No cheap Fram crap. This is one place to not skimp.
Mine squeaks but it doesn't whine.

I think I should have named her squeaky instead of Wendy:rof I have been reading the fix for the squeak to push the power steering pulley back 1/16th. But McRat hasn't had time to do it yet.
Sounds like the clutch fan,does it quit when it warms up?
this thread is 4 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!
that it is
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