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opinion of the new style heavy duty

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Hi. I was just wondering if the engine in the new style truck (LMM I believe??) is basically the same engine as previous models, only with some emmissions crap added? I'm trying to talk myself into a Duramax. Problem is I'm not quite ready to pony up the dough for maybe another 8-12 months. I like the "old" style good enough and I'd probably get a pretty decent deal on one. I just worry a little that if I wait until I have a few more greens in the bank and get a new style truck that hasn't been proven yet I'll wind up with problems. The old style has proven itself.
Any thoughts or ideas?
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Yeah, from what i understand the lmm is the same as the lbz with just the addition of the particulate filter!
so far they had a very good product i don't see why that would my next truck is a 08 silverado 3500 srw with the duramax
I think they upped the ponies to 365Hp and the trq a few for the LMM. I havent seen any pics of the 07.5 3/4 ton yet, but i hear they will be a little different from the 1/2tons. I cant wait to see a 3/4ton GM!
they are sweet looking trucks the new lmm dynos at 320rwhp with 640rwtqr perty impressive for stock.
There is a lot more on that engine than just a particulate filter ther is at least 2 oxygen sensors on the thing one in front and one behind the cat. There are more egr controls and some programming changes that deliever less fuel under load to reduce smoke. I am sure a tuner could fix the fuel problem but the exhust system will take awhile to figure out. At least thats what a local dealer told me. I understand that particulate filter just a kills the flow of the exhuast worst than a cat.
Well yesterday I took an 07 for a test drive. Loaded to the nuts. I loved it. And especially that allison tranny! I'm gonna wait to see what the 07.5's look like and watch this site to see what you all think of them as a few more get out on the road. The sticker price was about $64,000 plus tax (Canadian bucks) and it was just a little too steep for me to take home right now.....but I'm in love now and the decision is made.......just gotta keep my F*rd going 1 more year!
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