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Opinions on possible new ride

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I am strongly considering an 06 Chevy ccsb 4x4 LBZ to replace my 97 K1500 ECSB. The new truck has 103k on it with Westin nerf bars, a Leer cap with Thule roof racks and has been Line-x'd. It's the LT trim with every option, bell, whistle and doo-dad except a moonroof or DVD player. They claim it has never towed anything more than a 5000 pound Mastercraft ski-boat (just a bit aerodynamic... haha). There is no sign of a 5th wheel ever being installed and the inside of the box looks like it has hardly been used. The tires are fresh Michelin LTX M/S, stock size with about 3-5k on them. The interior and exterior are in great shape, no tears/scuffs in the seats. no major scratches in the plastic. Theres a couple minor stone chips on the front and a few small scratches, but nothing out of the ordinary. Right now we're at 24,677 OTD and they aren't willing to budge any more. Any thoughts on the price??
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I whould not go over $23,000. Give it a few days, don't rush into it, what do you mean by replace? I would hang on to it too. (96 Z71)
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