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Opinions on Zone shocks?

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I was going to order a set of the Fox IFP replacement shocks, but it'll be winter here soon, and I don't want them to get all trashed right off the bat. I've read some good things (there's not much out there) about ZONE's shocks... does anybody have some first-hand experience with them?

How did they ride?

Did they last long?

They're cheap enough I may just order them and see how it works out, but if they're absolutely terrible I won't waste my money.
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i run their 6" lift nitro shocks on my setup and haven't had an issue so far. I'm definitely happy with them for as much as i paid for them. I've put about 5k on them so far and don't have any complaints
haha nice. My stock shocks were on their way out when i installed the lift anyways, so it rode a million times better/smoother after the lift with them. Then i cranked it up and it rides rough now (obviously lol) Just had to get that out of my system to see how i liked it and its going back down when i get back home.

My currenty gf has only ridden in the truck since its been cranked, but hasn't said anything about it. still rides better than a straight axle any day of the week. But comparatively speaking it was a cadillac before.. which is one of the reasons its going back as soon as i get home.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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