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Hello, I know not many people post what a fix was so I wanted post a fix on my truck.
05 Silverado 2500HD LLY allison 5speed auto
Took my wife out for dinner and drive 25 miles and realized my transmission was slowly heating up. When I say heating up I mean 200 degrees at 45 degree ambient temperature...
Went in to eat came out about an hour later started truck and trans temp was at 160. Drove 5 miles and ended up pulling over from watching the trans temp rise to almost 230. Let the truck run for 15 mins and shutoff. Sat on the side of interstate for an hour letting it cool down to 200 and took off again. Made it 5 more miles and repeated this 2 more times but not letting it get more than 230. Finally made it to my work to leave it for the night. Basically the transmission even with no load or trailer was slowly heating up to above normal to overheating temps. This told me I had a possible blockage in the trans cooling system. Took truck to a local aamco and asked them to HOT FLUSH the trans cooling system. After 2 hours of flushing and reverse flushing the original 2GPM finally popped up to 5GPM. The blockage has left! Tech took the truck out for about 20 minutes and said it hasn't even gotten to the 100 mark. Took the truck home on my 35 mile trip. It was 40 degrees outside. 30 miles of interstate btw. Trans temp went to 130 after 15 miles and dropped to 120 and stayed there for the rest of the trip. Since that day 2 weeks ago it has been staying around the 100 mark. Hope this helps anyone having this issue. The bottom inlet of the transmission part radiator is where it tends to block up. Your transmission. On early models tand to run about 100 degrees above ambient temperature. So if its 50 out should be around 150. Good luck!
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