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I have googled this code now for 2 years, read every thread I could find and know WAYYY more about a duramax engine than I ever wanted to. Problem is, I still have not found a solution to the P0087 code.
I have a 2006 LBZ w/ approx 200k mile on it now. Started getting the code at about 75k.
I kept a log of all of the times it would do it and b=never came up with any one contributing factor.
I currently run Hypertech Sage 3, but he truck now will even do it w/ factory tune and no load. First started doing it only pulling a 7800# gooseneck trailer.
Here is what I have done to the truck thus far to no avail.
1)Changed the fuel lines near the transmission to the recommended parker line.
2) Changed the fuel lines to and from the filter housing
3) EGR blocker plate w/ fingerstick
4) New filter housing - Old one had a small leak
5) Just installed a new Injector pump.
6) Replaced the relief valve w/ Race valve
7) Pulled the bed off and inspected the tank screen - clean as a whistle.
The mechanic that installed the injector pump is saying the next step is all new injectors. He has had great success curing this code with the fixes I have mentioned above.
I still think it is something else.
Maybe I'm just HOPING it's something else so I don't have to replace the expensive injectors.
Made a 350 mile trip back to TX from MS this weekend pulling about 10k pounds and had to reset code about 8 times and never really stomped on it.
I have had many suggestions, ie... lift pump, computer recode etc, but I can not keep throwing money and guesses at my truck.
I Love this truck and am looking for a solution if anyone can help...
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