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P0101 code

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I'm talking to Dustin right now so I'll probably get my answer from him but I figured I'd post here...

Just randomly checked my codes and I have a P0101 code... Is there something I'n the efi settings I need to change?

And I haven't noticed any performance drops... I dont think... Everything seems fine.. If my maf is rescaled will the truck run better ?
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still didnt get a answer whats the deal?
Yea I know the code it's a maf volume or something like that.. I'm assuming that I'm pulling more air now that I have the efi and it's throwing my maf off... This didn't happen with the edge... I'm wondering if I need to change my maf settings to something else to stop getting this code and possibly better performance
Yea I've already cleaned it with maf cleaner
No it's pretty clean just checked it last week...

If my maf needs to be rescaled am I going to see any performance change ??
Yea I have a afe cold air and the mouthpiece... I talked to Rob and he explained it pretty well... Not a big deal I just didn't know if I was being robbed of power
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