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Yikes, mine had the metal in the fuel filter but they blamed the lift pump (in-tank). They said the tank was clean, so it had to be the lift pump causing the metal bits and not the high pressure. Does this make sense?

That is a pretty big tank to fully inspect by looking around with a flashlight when the lift pump is out. I don't know if a magnet would work to do that either? Is it really brass or just brass looking metal that may be magnetic?

gut punched
Ill be honest, I don't think the lift pump is whats causing the flakes. I saw my old HP4 and the gears were worn down a bit. What ended up being my no start issue was the new lift pump they installed was DOA. They cleaned/flushed my old lift pump (new pump #2 is on backorder) and put it in the truck to get me rolling again and the truck runs great! Big difference in performance vs how it was acting before.

I can see why dealers give some folks the runaround. Its a pretty lengthy procedure, parts are hard to get right now and most dealers are lucky to have 2 diesel techs. They know about this issue for sure.
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