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Engine light kicked on the other day and I hooked up a scanner to it this morning. Turns out it's the P0403 code - which, when I look around on this site, and others, has been discussed ad naseum already.

So, apologies in advance, but I'm a newb to all this...

My truck is a 2007 with about 40K miles. I called the dealer thinking the EGR solenoid could be replaced under warranty (if indeed that was the problem), but they told me they can't be sure that's the real source of the cause of the 403 code, and additionally, since I'm past 3 years and more than 36,000 miles, I'm subject to the $100 co-pay for the warranty work.

If I follow the various forum posts correctly, it sounds like my options are:

A) take it to the dealer ... maybe they reflash it (or is that only for older model trucks); or replace the EGR solenoid, or something else related to this. I pay the minimum $100 co-pay, and whatever else they dig up to try and charge me with just to make a few more bucks. Maybe I'm in/out for $100 - maybe 3 or 4 times that depending...

B) try the block and fingerstick it approach ... though, it sounds to me that really this fix isn't really a fix for the P0403 error as much as it is really for the P0401 error code. Maybe the block/fingerstick approach is good for the engine by preventing the exhaust fumes from re-entering the engine, but it doesn't sound like it would really solve the error code?

C) EFILive. I'm unfamiliar with tuning/programming engines like this. I'm also unclear what I'd need to buy from their website ... presumably the FlashScan V2 Scan and Tune product ... for $800?!?! Ouch!
C1) This sounds very expensive
C2) Does this really prevent the exhaust from re-entering the engine, or does it simply bypass the sensors/monitoring so the problems don't get reported back to the computer - in essence, the problem is still there, I just don't know it because it doesn't get reported any more.

I used to work on cars and trucks 20 years ago - but, anymore I don't have as much time, tools or patience. :)

It sounds like unless I want to make a significant investment in EFILive, perhaps back to the dealership is the best solution since the block/stick doesn't directly apply to the P0403 code.

Am I distilling the umpteen threads on this correctly? Sorry for rehashing all this - but, I didn't find an absolute best/clear answer on the other threads.

What's the best and latest hive knowledge/recommendations for a 2007 6.5L Diesel with error code P0403?

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