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2001 2500HD 4x4 Dmax/Allison

I may need a transmission computer, please PM me if you are nearby and have one to sell. I fear I may have blown the computer by the sensor wires getting grounded.

Tcase Sensor (at tailshaft area of trans) wire got wrapped on shortshaft yoke, ripped apart.

Threw code 0722, limp mode.
Reset codes, reoccurred.
Found broken wires, repaired, gave me limp mode for few hundred yards, and then still not working right as below (less than limp mode). Still code 0722.

Trans will only stay in gear 3 seconds, then 'opens up' into neutral and indicator blinks around the letter.
Shifting into any other gear gives 3 more seconds of drive, then opens up to neutral again.

I'm stumped. Going for another sensor, and a meter to test the wires. I've pulled them out of the harness, and they physically seem intact.

Still working basic troubleshooting, but I'd like to line up some options. I'm 7 hours from home :)

Thanks any and all,

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