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P0777 code?

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Comin home lastnight and tromped on the gas in level 3 a couple times and truck went limp and thru codes P0777 and 0700. I couldnt clear with the edge so I took it this morning to tranny guys that did my jr kit. They got the codes to clear and said to back off on power level and see if it throw the codes again. Tranny felt normal after they test drove. I was under the impression that with transgo jr I wouldnt have any probs in level 3. Now its got me worried to put my foot into again. Anybody have same prob or got any insight?
I know the tranny is not shot cause its shifting fine.
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So if you think Ive done damage, what damage is actually done then. Do you know by experience?
shop said could be bad solenoid like the code read. If it reocurrs i guess Ill know the problem. Ill pick there brain on the clutches as well. Appreciate the help.
Been driving around town all afternoon in level 2 with no problems. Guess Ill stay out of 3 or off the pedal hard in level 3. Didnt need the transgo jr after all. Oh well, was looking more for mpgs than I was racing. Just got me curious how fast 3 and 4 might have been. Cant imagine what upper levels are like. Never know I guess without built tranny. Thanks again for the info.
Just hopeing that I havent done much harm for the long haul of the tranny. I only got on it a couple times there in level 3 and then it thru those codes. Havent beat up on it all up till then. If you call that beatin it up. Time will tell I guess.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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