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P0777 code?

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Comin home lastnight and tromped on the gas in level 3 a couple times and truck went limp and thru codes P0777 and 0700. I couldnt clear with the edge so I took it this morning to tranny guys that did my jr kit. They got the codes to clear and said to back off on power level and see if it throw the codes again. Tranny felt normal after they test drove. I was under the impression that with transgo jr I wouldnt have any probs in level 3. Now its got me worried to put my foot into again. Anybody have same prob or got any insight?
I know the tranny is not shot cause its shifting fine.
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well whats wrong with it then, im thinking of putting trans. kit in
so more to do with age on tranny then to much power? just trying to learn here. One post on this subject says dirt in tranny others say fluid drop, not letting tranny tune itself correctly. thanks for the help
sooooooooo with all the VENDORS on here noone will say if the tran Jr and Edge will work up to level 4? Brand new truck here so would think clutchs would be good to go with this set up as the brocheres say it will work, appreciate the insight into this matter
they say another 105 hp
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