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sorry, I cant help you with your problem but I do think your being overly paranoid.
living in FL I cant think there's ever a reason to warm the truck up before normal driving, but that's totally up to you, its your truck.
I certainly cant understand going to great lengths to try and prevent the truck from operating the way it was designed, unless of course you are more informed that the gm engineers.
Assuming you have disabled the elevated idle through the dic, the raised idle you are concerned about is the small jump in rpms after starting to allow for the charging system to keep the batteries charged.
what is the jump in rpms like 2-300 rpm until the charging amps come up?
What damage could you possibly be thinking is happening? its not like you fired it up and went straight to WOT.
I really think you need to relax, your going to end up causing more issues trying to fix something that was never broken.
Why disconnect the grid heater? the whole cold start issue your worried about now has no pre heated air to aid in proper combustion until cylinder temperatures come up...
enjoy your diesel knock youcrazyy
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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