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So after letting my trans relearn for two weeks I am finally getting to play around a little bit with my truck. I noticed that when i go WOT that it has a nasty dead spot at the top of the rpm range before it shifts, its not really noticable through 1-2, 2-3 shifts but 3-4 and sometimes 4-5 it feels like it defuels and sometimes it causes the trans to feel almost like it cant find the next gear.... Now I am thinking either A) bullydog set defuel points at the top of rev range in an effort to save strain on the trans or B) I am actually out running the stock fuel system capabilities.. I didnt think that a canned tuned would do that but what do you guys think.. Now within the next month or so I am getting EFI live and an Air Dog 2 but, and also I wont be doing anymore romping until then but what is your guys' opinions on what is going on???? BTW its being ran in extreme mode right now and according to the bullydog gauge im pulling between 22-25kpsi of fuel pressure at WOT, but im not sure how accurate that is since it is being pulled through the OBD2 port....

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