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I have the Edge Juice w/attitude and i also have the A2 (i am beta testing), and i LOVE IT! It does help quite a bit with fuel mileage and the power. Also when pulling its night and day difference, not to mention it totally wakes the truck up and makes it a "race truck". I have a 2002 3/4 HD, Ext Cab, Short bed 4x4 w/285 BFG's on it. You are already ahead with the Intake and Exhaust on the truck. The reason i like EDGE is...its a "plug and play" type module, no taking codes in and taking codes out and messing around that way, once you unplug it and plug your stock cables back in you have no more performance, which makes it nice to take down to the dealer.

If you end up purchasing the EDGE module, i recommend you get the Attitude or better yet the A2 which is going to be a bit more expensive but is way awesome!! I like the EDGE A2 better and it will be coming out soon! Plus it has the navigation built in however its going to be a bit pricey. I am pretty familar with EDGE Products and if you have any detailed questions about there products, get ahold of me, if i don't have the awnser i can find it for ya!

As far as the EGT's (gas temps) are concerned, EDGE has there alert preset at 1350, now if you reach that temp you are okay...however you don't want to be that high for long periods of time, i belive at 1400 degrees for 2-3 minutes will start to melt parts in the engine (don't quote me on that but i think i read it somewhere)

I haven't heard much about the FASS system, but it sounds like a nice set up.

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