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Pickin up my 06 LLY

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Hey guys, I'm soon to be a proud owner of an 06 GMC 2500 LLY. I previously had a 6.5 and I just couldn't stay away. I found a great deal on my truck, only 5,700 miles, practically brand new. I have been reading this forum while looking for my Duramax, and was happy to find most of the questions I had while searching already answered here in previous posts.

But I do have one question. I am purchasing my duramax through a dealership. At this dealership there was another 06 LLY traded in where the guy left his superchips flashpaq in the back seat when he traded his truck in. Now I personally have never used a programmer. All the previous cars/trucks that I have owned that I have "chipped" have been flashes/changes in programming to the factory ECM. Now don't programmers, like the superchip, work by swapping your original factory map with the map that is preloaded on the programmer?

So my question is this. What happens if the guy who traded in this other truck that had the superchip left the superchip map on the PCM in that truck, and his stock map is on the flashpaq? How will I know? Before I leave the dealership should I plug in the flashpaq to my truck? Will it try and swap his factory map for mine?

Thanks in advance,
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Is this truck in CT at all?

My neighboors just traded theirs in, I wanted to kick them. I think it only had that many miles on it too lol
I live in Orlando, Florida. But the truck is actually about 70 miles south west of me in Lake Wales.
You can try and program your truck...if the other truck was not returned to stock, it will tell you that you can't program your truck....but, if you are able to return the other truck back to stock settings, you can use it on yours as long as it has the same engine.
Yeah thats what I figured. Going to be mighty uncomfortable asking them to let me plug in a programmer to another used truck they have sitting on the lot. But I guess I could explain to them that they'd be selling someone a vehicle without a factory tune.

Side question. Is there a digital version of a shop manual for our trucks floating around? Or a place where one can be purchased?
I haven't seen a manual in digital version. I believe the shop manuals are something like 5 volumes and takes up quite a bit of a shelf. Alldatadiy will have it soon, but probaby doesn't have it for the 06 yet. It's not a manual, but it will help you out on most jobs.
Does the owners manual list tranny and differential capacities and the specs/requirements or whatever they are called (C-3, C-4, etc)?
Yes it does as long as the manual comes with the truck. I have bought trucks that they didn't have owner's manuals. You can also register the truck on and download the owner's manuals there. They also have an option to order the shop manuals.
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