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Piedmont Diesel Truck Jam Oct 15

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Saturday October 15th is the 3rd annual Piedmont Diesel Truck Jam @ Piedmont Dragway presented by Buck's Communication. :gearjamin

Diesel Truck Jam

Just seeing if anyone from the triad area will be attending?
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I would come but my gf decided we were goin to the race haha.
Well how was it????

Anybody got any vids or pics?????
it was awesome, it was my first diesel drag... I made a post about it but I'll just copy it here...

this was my first diesel drag race. Great day just to be outside, but since my wife has made me paint for the past 3 weeks, she said we cold go. I met up with Trace (duramax07tmd) and Kory (oleblack03). This was at 1/8th mile track and holy $h!t those things were ROLLING. There was one there that hit 151. Thats probably not the best but good gracious, thats the fastest diesel I've seen up close. LOTS of cummins, and lots of broken parts. Also had a tug of war which was NUTS. There was a truck that was built just for those and it actually broke the yoke of a crane truck. Anyway, my wife actually had a great time, cant wait for the next one... She couldn't believe that peolpe would spend that much money just to have it break and have to be pulled home (from the tug-o-war, including a lbz dually). The actual real truck that won was a furd 7.3 dually. It still amazes me to see how much power these trucks make
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