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Hey fellas just seeing what your street/strip trucks are running for piston to bore/wall clearance for a Mahle cast piston. Primarily want to be setup to be a daily driver, truck will see a MAX of 55 PSI, 16.5 CR, 4500 RPM, with 60 overs. I would guess no more than 750 to the wheels very looking at very similar setups. I know stock clearance is 2 thou, should I shoot for 3-5 thou or am I over estimating my chamber heat? I know of some limited work stock sled pulling rigs running 6 thou and looser, so I'm sure I need to be tighter than that.

Also can anyone comment on the longevity and use case of Total Seal gapless rings? I keep hearing people say they were intended for high HP applications that get torn down frequently, but total-seals website gives off the impression they are better in every way to a traditional ring. I know they are a good product, but jesus christ for 800 bucks that's the equivalent of nearly 3 sets of regular rings. However, if I never have to tear my motor down due to ring failure its worth it to me, but then again I don't think my use case is going to be super hard on a set of regular rings.

Thanks in advance,
- Joey
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