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Hey all! Every year we usually have a few get togethers in the winter when everyone is off work. Ive been busy as heck and havent had a chance to do any. So here is one for early spring! Since some people can only do lunch and some people can only do dinner I figure why not do both?! Try to make it.. I met ALOT of great friends through these :thumb

Cranberry Twp Lunch Meet at 1:00 eat at 2:00
Double Wide Grill Address 100 Adams Shoppes Mars, PA

Pittsburgh Pa Dinner Meet at 7:00 eat at 8:00
Pittsburgh - Tilted Kilt Address North Shore Riverfront Park, 353 N Shore Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

I have never been to double wide but it looks like there is enough parking in the Strip Mall across the street.

I Have been to Tilted Kilt and there is plenty of parking. It cost a few dollars though.. $5-$7

From Tilted Kilt 2 Years ago.
Why do you get to pick where the meets at??
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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