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Plastic trim removal?

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Has anyone removed the plastic trim on the doors of their trucks? My buddy and I were looking at my 2003 Crew Cab and thought it looked goofy to have the trim on the doors only, and not on the bed. My truck is also a long box, so to me it just doesn't look right. If anyone has done it, do you have any pictures?, and are they just stuck on with double sided tape?
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yeah i dont have any pictures but i did it to mine and its just double sided tape jus use a heat gun and then u will have to get a soft buffing wheel to get the excess glue off the paint...
*******, do you like the way it looks? Is that your truck in the avatar? If it is, did you have the trim removed at the time?, If you did could you email me a picture? Thanks [email protected]
I did mine as well. It looks awesome and gives the truck a clean look. I did it right after I bought it on a sunny day and I just pulled on them and they came right off I also removed the 4x4 logo and the tail gate moldings. Double sided tape is all that holds them on. If you use a heat gun or a hair dryer it will help soften up the tape you can also us a plastic spatula or some fishing line to help pull it off.

Once you get them off you can use some 3M adhesion remover to get the sticky stuff off. Then wax the panel because there was never wax under the molding. :rockin

For some reason we cant add pics here so heres a link to some pics of my truck before and after. :cool:

no that was the day i bought my truck... sorry i haven't taken any recent pictures. it jus makes the truck look cleaner and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin
Looks real good without the trim and also the 4x4 sticker, I was playing with photoshop, and "removed" the trim, now I am going to take off the 4x4 sticker, I am getting a topper installed tommorow, so I will probably do it again with the topper added on, if I can figure out how to post pictures, I will do so and get you opinions.
Finally got the pictures put together:

What do you all think?
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Looks good, I pulled the moldings off of mine and then had my local sign shop make the stripes that are on mine now where the moldings once were.
that red looks really sharp on your truck!
The only problem I have with my truck is that I still have the black fender flares and the black door pulls.
thanks, it's actually orange
Sorry- my eyes were playing tricks on me. Still looks great.
I'm getting rid of my trim pieces this weekend, I just started to notice how bad they really look when compared to a de-badged truck. Thanks for pics and inspiration. I'll post before and after when I'm through with it.
same here, removed my side molding and its wayyyyy cleaner. i kept the 4x4 logo on it and the tailgate moldings on though.
Did it yeasterday.


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looks clean..good job
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