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Please help a new guy out with halo wiring question

I just got some projector lights with halos and I have searched all over for different ways of wiring. I want them to be used as my DRLs but be on all the time. What I did was spliced the wiring into the DRL wiring and took the bulbs out of the DRL housing. Then I used the all on headlight mod method and ran diodes from the 85 DRL pin to the 85 Lo and Hi beam pins.

Everything works, but my question is. . . Having an 05 I know the running lights apparently have a pulse voltage that causes the bulbs to blow. I did notice that when I pulled the bulbs the sockets were charred a little. I don't want to mess up my new halos and LEDs so I am wondering if my method of wiring was safe. And if not, what suggestion anyone might have to be able to have them on all the time. Thanks for the help
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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