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1. Please submit a maximum of 3 pictures, they must be clear, and of very good quality, with basic description of the TRUCK or SUV that you wish to enter(unless it is already listed in your signature).

2. The contestant submitting a picture must own the TRUCK or SUV that they are entering into the ROTM.
Proof of ownership will be, the contestant must have their TRUCK or SUV listed either in their signature or have a visible pic of the qualifying vehicle being entered into the ROTM in their avatar.

3. If a contestant starts a thread on this site or any other site, or personally creates a link back to the current ROTM thread or poll, they will be disqualified from the current ROTM and will not be able to participate in another ROTM for the following 3 months.

Also, If any link backs to the Duramax Forum ROTM and or poll are found from any other member of this or any other TRUCK or SUV site, the thread originator will cause the TRUCK or SUV suggested to be disqualified from the current ROTM.

4. If a contestant is disqualified after the poll is started, there will be no substitutions. The current ROTM will simply have one less contestant.

5. Once a specific TRUCK or SUV wins a ROTM contest, that vehicle cannot participate again in a ROTM contest for 12 months(1year).

6. As always, Duramax Forum staff reserves the right to delete, edit, or disqualify members in all ROTM replies, posts, or polls, at any time without prior warning.


Rig Of The Month will be setup in a month to month drawing. It will start when the theme poll is started. Usually near the 20th of the month.

1. ROTM team will start accepting trucks shortly after current month's "theme thread" is started by the staff. Trucks will be accepted for up to 3 weeks (usually ending around the 20th).

2. Contestants are allowed to submit 1 truck a month as long as it falls in the ROTM theme's category, and it follows all the rules above.

3. The ROTM team will review nominees rigs, the first 10 "theme" qualifying pictures will be placed in a ROTM poll thread. The poll will be open for a minimum of one week followed with announcing current months winner.

4. Once a winner has been decided, the winner of the ROTM will submit to the ROTM team their chosen current site sponsor to get the winners $50 gift voucher.

Want to help get your truck into the ROTM Poll? Heres a few Tips.. Not necessarily rules just suggestions.
- Be aware of what’s around your vehicle.
- Choose scenery or a background you would want to see in a national calendar.
- No one wants to see a picture in your driveway or your house. Take the time to and get a decent picture with a nice background (Unless differently specified).
- No people in the photograph. (Unless differently specified)
- Only have the pictured vehicle in the shot. (Unless differently specified).
- Be aware of shadows, reflections and glares that may ruin the shot.
- Use a damn camera! No one wants a grainy cell phone pic on the front page of a national forum! :mad:

Thank you. Duramax Forum ROTM Staff :thumbsup

:help P.S Help the ROTM! Using photobucket helps alot when its time to make the poll. Some times a few pictures can't be saved and changed over for some reason. To help save time please use Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket Its free and easy. Thanks!

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