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Polishing a turd....

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How should one go about polishing an aluminum wheel (like the regular H2) to a high luster, mirror finish? I'm looking for specific devices, polishes, equipment, process, etc.

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I hear that mothers ball workers really really well. I bought the ball and polish then sold the truck I bought it for. :rolleyes:

The best polish I have ever found was stuff called 8 ball. Some dude makes it himself. Alot of truckers use it. They have guys cleanning trucks with it at carlisle truck nats and they come out awesome! If you want the number to call ill look for the bottle andgive it to you.:cool:

I don't know a ton about stock wheels of cars. From my experience with motorcycle rims, it is a major pain in the back side. Sand off the clear coat with one grade of sand paper, sand down the ridges that the first sanding left with a less coarse paper, sand again with an even more fine piece of sand paper. If you want it perfect, sand yet again. Then you start to actually use a metal polish to bring out the shine. Like I said, my experience is with motorcycle rims. Automotive may be easier...but I am fairly sure there will still be a clear coat on the rims.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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