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ppe boost valve

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Ok, i honestly just ordered a ppe boost valve, and a diablo sport extreme powerpuck. im planning on stacking the power puck with my diablo sprot predator that i already have. I know its kinda late now cause i already ordered the ppe boost valve, but does anybody know if it really works and will it ruin my stock turbo.?
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oh. thanks. so i might want to send the power puck back?? my plan was to leave my predator on tow and put the extreme puck on my truck so i can have the on the fly advantage. i pull every now and then on the farm so i hate tuning my truck up and down from tow to performance, i doubt thats good on my computer. any more advice
how much would that cost me and where can i get that done? lol. im in a lil town with no hook ups. haha
palacios, Texas.. small town on the coast.
hmm... Im honestly clue less with efi live tuning. lol. how do you do it? and do you like yours? i mean i love the diablo sport predator, but if this is easier and safer then id love to switch over eventually. how much horse power gains? any smoke? lol
oh. hmm. im trying to avoid the trans upgrade. thats alot of money. but i know i will have to if i keep wanting more horsepower. can u tell a big difference with the ppe boost valve? and whats your input with stacking the predator with the power puck?
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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