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Wasn't able to get this unit to work with my truck due to my ECM having a tune installed and it being locked by the tuner who is unknown to me. I sold it to a friend of mine who has an 04.5. Turns out my unit is for 2001-2002 ONLY so it won't work. Now I need to try to help him sell it so that way he doesn't take a loss on it. :booboo

Pacific Performance Engineering - Diesel Specialists

So if anyone wants a chip to stack with their xcelerator or hypertech or whatever other tuner you have, let me know! I will ship anywhere but buyer is responsible for costs.

$200 OBO. These things are outrageously expensive new (about $600) , so this could be your chance to get a good chip for pretty cheap. Has all you need to install other than the blank plate for the knob, but the knob is there. reply on thread or call/text 505-379-1917
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