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PPE Model?

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I'm considering buying a PPE programmer. There is one on the internet that I have emailed about as it just says it's a PPE Xcelerator. I asked if it was the standard or economy model and got the same answer, it's a PPE Xcelerator. How do you tell which one it is? They look the same on the front best I can tell looking at them on the net. I plan to install a blocker plate so I need at least the standard to block egr code. He said he paid 586 for it new.
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what is the highest hp it goes to ?
i would say look on their website and see prices of them also welcome to df
probly the 220 or 225 model.
hey dan what does sdp-1 mean i been trying to figure it out for so long now
Not sure about the HP. I'll have to find out.
Ya they all look the same. The case usually has a sticker saying which one it is. That and when you plug the scanner it usually tells you. When I plug mine in ot says "PPE hot+2"

You could also tell from what HP setting it has. There website has the listings

Economy 120
Standard 225
Hot 300
Hot +2 425

Pacific Performance Engineering - Diesel Specialists

call them up and ask for part numbers?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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