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Yesterday we had a big RAINFALL here in Florida. I was enjoying driving through the large puddles and watching water skyrocket over the sidewalks.

I pull up to a restaurant and eat dinner. On my way home it's still raining but not as bad. I'm taking a right turn at a stop light and mid turn I lose power steering. Nearly hit an oncoming car. The display on the dash reads "Power Steering - Drive With Care".

The next morning (today) I pull up some threads about this issue and read that water can get into a power steering motor or connections and cause problems. Some people have reported this same issue after going through a carwash. I'm thinking this is all related to the rain I drove through. I climb under the truck and disconnect the three medium/large connectors to the electric power steering motor. They are dry. I leave them disconnected for a minute. I also unplug the engine fuse box for one minute and then the battery for one minute. I plug everything back in and I start the truck again and the issue persists.

Has anyone had this problem and how did they go about fixing it?


How do I test a power steering motor?

2014.5 Silverado
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