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pump rub

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crawling under the truck i notice i have a very small about of fluid coming from the output of the tcase. i cleaned it all up and i see no signs of any pump rub but i don't know exactly where to look. I searched but didn't find much other than the MA fix. Anybody post some pictures to pinpoint the location. I did notice a pinhole in the rubber boot on the output seal but thats it.
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Go to Kennedy Diesel Pump Rub Plate instructions, it has good pix.
thank you sir. i think i'm good at this point but as soon as i get some extra cash i'm def. going to do the mod. thanks again
The pump rub will be on the lower side of the case up around where the rear housing extends for the output shaft. If it is not leaking there, great.

You could just have a leaking output seal.

Kennedy has a kit that includes the pump rub kit and a new output seal.
yeah i don't have a hole there but i will reinspect. my fluid is coming from the pinhole in the rubber boot at the seal..i'll get a new seal and install it. Thanks for the help DF.
yea stay on top of that i just had to drop like 3 grand to have my whole transfer case replaced guts and all
Is pump rub still an issue with the NBS trucks or have they fixed it. My 02 had the same problem. I used Kennedy Diesels kit and the owner of a local John Deere dealer heliarc(sp?) the pin hole in the case up(Big Thanks to you Jim). I'm lucky I caught mine in time. I thought I had a leaky rear diff. because the fluid only comes out when the truck is running. So when your traveling down the road it would drip then splash on the rear end.
New problem. I can't for the life of me find a Damnit output seal that fits. What's the deal? Gm acted like they couldn't get it. All part numbers have been to small. Gm gave me a number but can't locate one. Calling Kennedy tomorrow.
Napa had one but it was too small
Make sure they are looking up the seal for an Allison equiped truck. The first seal they gave me was for a 6.0 with 6speed manual. It was too small.
We looked for my truck but failed miserably
Sucks to be held up by something as little as a seal.
This is the most helpful thread ive read. Thanks!:drink
the NBS trucks do not have pump rub issues.

Call Kennedy for the seal if you cant get it anywhere else.
I'm planning on installing a rub plate before I have any problems, is there any thing else I should do while I'm in there? It sounds like a new rear seal should be installed.
I'd check the U joints and grease the drive shaft yoke to prevent the clunk issue.
what tucks are affected by this. I have an 04 lb7 chev
Uh oh, I havn't read abaout the "clunk issue"....I'll have to search on that one, thanks for the heads up.

I'm not sure of which trucks affected but here is a link to one of the anti rub plates that lists some t-cases.

I have seen other kits available online as well.

Adapt-A-Case FIXES GM T-Case Pump rub-through with BRNY
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