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Just curious if anyone else notices the N on the 4WD knob turns red when you first turn the truck on? I was fooling with the 4WD on night when i first got the truck and wondered what the hell it did when you went past the 4 lo setting. Out of curiosity I turned it but it was just a spring loaded button and didn't do anything. i figured ok. Ill look it up. So I put it all back to 2wd and buttoned her up for the night. Looked up the N and found that it has something to do with towing. unlocking the diffs or something. fast forward to now, i notice the N turns red. Not sure if it did this previously and i just never noticed it or if I have done something to it? anyone got any input?

PS, don't put me in front of a red button and tell me not to push it. I will definitely push it!!!!:neener

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Every time you start the truck or turn the ignition to ON/RUN, the N on the 4wd knob will be red.

Shifting into Neutral
To shift the transfer case to
N (Neutral) do the following:
1. Make sure the vehicle is parked
so that it will not roll.
2. Set the parking brake and
press and hold the regular brake
3. Start the vehicle or turn the
ignition to ON/RUN.
4. Shift the transmission to
N (Neutral).
5. Shift the transfer case to
Two-Wheel Drive High.
6. Turn the transfer case dial
clockwise to N (Neutral) until
it stops and hold it there until
the Neutral light starts blinking.
This will take at least
10 seconds. Then slowly release
the dial to the four low position.
The N (Neutral) light will come
on when the transfer case shift
to N (Neutral) is complete.
7. If the engine is running, verify
that the transfer case is in
N (Neutral) by shifting the
transmission to R (Reverse)
for one second, then shift the
transmission to D (Drive) for
one second.
8. Turn the ignition to
will turn the engine off.
9. Place the transmission shift
lever in P (Park).
10. Release the parking brake prior
to moving the vehicle.
11. Turn the ignition to LOCK/OFF.

Shifting Out of Neutral
To shift the transfer case out of
N (Neutral) do the following:
1. Set the parking brake and apply
the regular brake pedal.
2. Turn the ignition to ON/RUN
with the engine off, and shift
the transmission to N (Neutral).
3. Turn the transfer case dial to
Two-Wheel Drive High.
After the transfer case has
shifted out of N (Neutral), the
N (Neutral) light will go out.
4. Release the parking brake prior
to moving the vehicle.
5. Start the engine and shift the
transmission to the desired

Notice: Shifting the transmission
into gear before the requested
mode indicator light has stopped
flashing could damage the
transfer case. To help avoid
damaging the vehicle, always
wait for the mode indicator lights
to stop flashing before shifting
the transmission into gear.

Excessively shifting the transfer
case into or out of the different
modes may cause the transfer case
to enter the shift protection mode.
This will protect the transfer case
from possible damage and will only
allow the transfer case to respond
to one shift per 10 seconds.
The transfer case may stay in this
mode for up to three minutes.

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Thanks for posting that.. I didn't know how to do that either and never tried to find out but now I know a little more :thumbup:

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Thank you HD. After skimming through the PDF version of the manual on my computer, i came up with pretty much that same thing. I left the question up because I just wanted to make sure that I had not tweaked something. I guess it was because I never noticed it in the beginning, so i was just paranoid even though the manual says the lights will momentarily come one. LOL. thanks for the clarification.
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