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Question about exhaust odor in cab

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I have a 2007.5 LMM that I purchased new. I have the
exhaust odor that enters the cab when the engine goes into regeneration about every 300-400 miles.

I'd like to get it fixed, but I am concerned if I do I might get
my truck back with more things broke. I understand from some that it is a major job to get to the downpipe.

For those that have had this done, what did the dealer do to fix the problem? Did it solve the exhaust oder problem?

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i took mine in when it still had a warranty!:D:D:D my dealer told me they could not advise on the situation so i just deal with it. i dont smell it all the time though, i might just be used to it now! the DE downpipe is a bigger downpipe which comes off the back of the turbo and goes down to the exhaust system. the DE downpipe is bigger and flows better.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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