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a buddy of mine is selling his turbonetic turbo that he was planning putting on his pulling tractor. he is now selling it because he ended up putting on a differnt precision turbo.

my question is this wourth putting on my truck or possible?

is it a bad idea getting rid of the vvt?

this is the only part number i could get of it.


i saw the reciept he paid around 2900 for it
i can get it for 2000


ps- i posted the same thing on another forum and got no answer.

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without a built tranny it would be pointless. You can get a good bit more power out of the stock turbo once you build your tranny and take advantage of the full potential of the stocker. I'd save that money to put down on a tranny kit. You'll be really impressed with what it can do with the stock turbo :D
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