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Welcome to the site! What year truck do you have??? Which engine does it have in it? For the most part, getting an intake is just spending $300 on something that you don't really need (about all they do is sometimes make your turbo louder). I would start with an exhaust and possibly a programmer like a predator. It all depends on how you want to use your truck. You won't see a huge gain in mileage from any one mod. It all comes down to how you drive the truck. For the most part, anyone claiming on getting over 20-22 mpg is pulling your leg or not actually hand calculating the mileage. I know for a fact that if you put a programmer on your truck, it will throw off the DIC (if you have one). If I went by my DIC, I would be getting 26-28 on the highway.....well, I get more like 17-19 empty. There are some vendors on this site that will give you a good deal on upgrades and help you decide what you need for what you want to do with the truck.
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