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Quiet exhaust--muffler suggestions???

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I just bought a 2006 K3500 dually to tow a race car hauler. I don't need lots more power, just looking to help a bit on economy and a little bit more power, if that comes with it. I intend a 4" stainless, turbo back single exhaust with a muffler. Those long trips criss-crossing the Midwest mandate that we have the quietest muffler these needs will allow. What do you guys use for good flow-thru, while still being quiet for the long drives.
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The LBZ trucks remain pretty quiet with all 4" systems. If you want it as quiet as possible though, i would go with the Diamond Eye exhaust with Quiet Tone front pipe. This system uses a resonator in the front pipe as well as a large muffler to keep the noise level minimal. The only problem is, they are only available in aluminized steel. Your other option would be to get an MBRP kit and see if that gets you what are you looking for, if not, you can always add a resonator to the front-pipe. Here is a link to the DE Quiet tone kit as well as the 4" T409SS MBRP kit. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

DE Quiet Tone Exhaust

MBRP 4" T409 SS Exhaust
I would like mine to be more quiet as well. I have the mbrp 4" t-back exhaust but the muffler that comes with it does not do much. I'll have to look into this d e front pipe if it will help?? My wife does not like the louder sound from inside the cab, she wants me to put the old exhaust back on but my exhaust temps are 150 degrees cooler now.
a 4" with a muffler will quiet it down plenty. there isnt that big of a need to get a dp. let me know if i can help you out on any thing.
The downpipe can help alot especially when towing. they are definately a good bang for the buck upgrade, if you can handle putting it in, its a big pain in the a$$, i just did mine
Does the DE Exhaust use the factory hanger locations?
Yes they do. D.E. is a good quality exhaust I have installed a few without issue.

If I go with the turbo down-pipe, is one as good as another? Are they all stainless? None stainless?
Oh yeah..???? :rolleyes:
I was refering to making it quieter. Ya dp are a great investment. The change in sound and lower egts is well worth it.
Diamond Eye makes about the best downpipe, imho. Comes pre-wrapped with thermal wrap. Flanges are straight. Great quality.
I have the MBRP 4" exhaust and it is really quiet. VERY slight rumble driving down the road. My kit came with a magnaflow straight through muffler. I'm super happy with mine.
My Banks 4" Monster with muffler and MBRP cat delete pipe is very quiet. I can't even here it at 70 MPH is has a low drone at 60 but that is it.
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