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Radio clock resets to 12:00 all the time...

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Anyone know what the deal is? My Radio clock constantly resets to 12:00 on start ups.
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Memory wire disconnected?

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My gasser occasionally does that on super cold starts. I think its because all excess voltage is used to start since its cranking harder and using more juice and the radio loses power and resets. Thats my "theory" but I may be wrong
My lbz I used to have did that. I had a bad battery.
Sounds like weak batteries
most likely weak batteries, but had the same problem about 2 months ago, checked both batteries, both were good, so i re-seated all connections and checked connections at both my alternators. been fine ever since.
Bad battery(s). Mine did that, I cleaned the batt connections and it was OK for a couple of months, finally had them tested and they were both bad.
I never saw the other posts stating batteries, but that was my thinking as well. Both batteries were new (cheap as hell) dealer installed when I got the truck recently. I load tested them and they tested good, but really low. I upgraded to the best ones Napa had to the tine of $250 and its been fine for a few days now including starting a whole lot faster. You know there's something bad about dealer batteries with the name brand "Nearly New":rofl
Groundhog Day. :)
Yep I had the exact same problem! Both Batteries tested bad!!! Have not had the problem since! I thought something major was happening at first!
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