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range upshift locked (or something like that)

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does anyone know what this means is it the limp mode or what? i got this message on my dic today my truck had been sitting for about 10 hours at work i got in started it put it in re verse then when i put it in drive it wouldnt go anywhere it was like it was in neutral then after a minute or so it worked just fine.
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Its more than likely the NSBU switch on the transmission. You can get them at NAPA and replace it. What year is your truck?
probably cold and got a shift inhibit or sometimes on the older models seemed like they would go half way when you went from rev to drive kinda weird though didnt happen all the time is your truck muddy underneath seen that happen mud binding the linkage up
or what dmaxchris said
It is probably the NSBU switch. It is located on the driver's side of the trans. Common problem when they get water, snow inside of the switch.

It will usually say "Shift Range Inhibited". Do not buy from the dealer-- $$$! Allison or NAPA is OK.

PM sent!
its a 2005 its about 60 degrees out today the truck has never been in the mud but it does have just about 100,000 on it maybe i should let the dealer fix it right before my warranty expires
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