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Ok so i am a new guy here i don't want everyone to shine down on me but i am a new Diesel owner here. I bought my LB7 in January. I have this question.

The light that says when to change my oil. I understand the interval changes depending on multiple things, towing, driving technic, how well your rig is maintained to begin with.....BUT How often what is the average mileage it comes on with an LB7? What is the average interval, is there one?

5,000 7000 10,000???? Should i be servicing before the light comes on? Should i wait for it to come on? Can you guys help me out first then roast on me if this is a stupid question. I am all about Preventative Maintenance.

I use Rotella oil, Delco oil filter. Racor Fuel (EVERY OIL CHANGE) I use Transynd and Allison Filter every other oil change to service the trans.

Can you guys throw me a bone here. Am i doing things right or....

All of my fellow buddies own 6.OH OH's or Cummins im the sole DMAX owner. I've heard there regiment what should i be doing to maintain a long life DMAX?

Help me please. Then Roast me later.Thanks
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