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Reading pa tuning

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Anyone know of an EFI live tuner around the Reading, Lehigh Valley, Philly area. Got an '11 with def troubles that need to be deleted.
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Pm on the way....
Wow, nobody. Thought there would be aomeone around here.
You can order through venders on here.. User above sent you a PM that is who I used.. It's plug and play
How are you liking your truck still Ralvarado??
How are you liking your truck still Ralvarado??
It's sweet, finally finished my lift pump... Problem is now I want more!!
I still need to find someone to tap my manifold the egt
LOL good deal, and yeah that's what they all say....more more more!! ha
Call Josh @ DirtyDiesels - Hes located just outside of Reading.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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