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Been there done that.. You need to remove all four screws for the handle. You will also need a new rod clip. Go to the Help Section at the local parts store.

On my 2001, the rod clip was broken in two pieces. One was on the rod and the other was was stuck in the hole that the rod goes into. You will need to remove both pieces. Take note of the color of what is on the rod. When you remove the bols on the handle DO NOT remove the top rod. The bottom rod enters the handle assembly from the side closest to the passenger. You should see the colored plastic where the rod goes. Remove the broken piece and put in the new one...
The new ones I got were not the same color as the one I removed but it is about the size of the rod clip and not the color.
Put the new one in the hole and then insert the rod and rotate the clip to snap on the rod.
Button it all back up and you are good to go...
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