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Hey a relatively new diesel owner here looking for some advice. I did some search bar'ing came up with this list. just past 350km she's getting a little loosy goosy in the front. All the parts are moog except the shocks, kyb.
So far ive got, UCA's, ball joints, bushings, tie rods, idler & pitman arms and the kyb gas-ajust front and rear shocks, timken or moog bearings (2 or all 4?)

I'd like to get a fresh start on all this and getting rear shocks got me thinking should I be doing the rear at the same time? Have I missed anything? Cough up some cash for some better parts? (dont want to be replacing them anytime soon like my bud who's ball joints shat after <1 year.)

I chose moog because i can get it all at one place but they dont stock steering stabilizer or idler & pitman supports, which also has to be added to the list.

I tried to keep it short and to the point, I mostly shuttle bikes in the summer and 2 sleds in the winter. Thanks for the help!
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